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The daily energy challenge for Zimbabweans

What does Energy mean to you? A reliable source of lighting and comfort in your home? Perhaps offering a level of security? Something that drives entertainment options like radio and television? The power to create commercial opportunities, to support a family or a community. Energy provides options. It drives and uplifts our daily lives. Or it should.

Around much of Africa access to reliable energy on a 24/7 basis is a daily challenge for millions of people. Some regions are better served than others. In Zimbabwe access to a reliable source of energy is a luxury enjoyed by few people today. Grid power is limited and power outages are a part of daily life.

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Ntengwe Women to Deliver Solar Home Solutions to rural Matabeleland North

Ntengwe is a non-profit organisation with a hub in Victoria Falls that serves the Matabeleland North area. Ntengwe works with many of the most marginalised districts of Zimbabwe to deliver ‘Community Development’ programmes…

Our future with Solar

We envision a brighter future and quality of life for all Zimbabweans through access to reliable and affordable clean energy products.




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d.light X500

2 bulbs, 1 tube, 25W panel, USB mobile charger, run time 4hrs on max+ 1hr on power save

d.light D100

2 bulbs, 1 tube, 9W panel, USB mobile charger, run time 4hrs on max+ 1hr on power save.

d.light D180

2 bulbs, 1 tube, 12W panel, USB charger, FM/MP3 radio, torch, run time 6hrs on max.

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d.light X500

d.light D100

d.light D180

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