At a national level we believe the Zimbabwe Government is looking to build a series of new Solar Parks, but this will take time, and will not solve the energy challenges for those living off the Grid. However, we believe solar energy is increasingly being seen as part of the solution to Zimbabwe’s energy challenge at various levels.

Kumusha Power will be offering a range of Solar Home Systems designed and manufactured by global brand d.light Design. These mini Solar Home Systems (‘SHS’) are capable of powering three or more lights, a radio, a torch and a charging port for phones and tablets. The more powerful SHS models can power solar fans and televisions, which can be bought separately ranging from 19”-32” in size.

Solar Panel Power is 6.5W – 12W at the lower end, and 25W – 120W for the more powerful models. LED tube lighting is 200/220 lumens up to 400-800 lumens, while LED bulbs range from 120 – 220 lumens. Basic models include two brightness settings, while larger models offer a fully dimmable light option. Run times at full brightness are between 4-6 hours. Some models include either FM radio and MP3 player or FM/AM Radio and MP3 player. These Solar Home Systems also include wall switches, phone charging cables, connectors, a battery and control panel. Devices all connect to the control panel for charging.

These Solar Home Systems provide a clean and reliable source of energy, enhanced lighting and comfort in the home, plus entertainment and accessory options for the family.

Energising Your Life!