A good education is the key to opportunity and a better standard of living. For those families living in rural or peri-urban areas of Zimbabwe with no access to the Energy Grid, creating an effective study environment at home is challenging. Many families rely on kerosene lamps or candles for lighting at night. The poor ‘flickering’ quality of light produced by these options is difficult for effective study and homework for any extended period of time.

Research by GOGLA, the ‘Global Off-Grid Lighting Association’, indicates that within key African markets 84% of customers switching to Solar Home Systems say their children now have more time for effective home study. Research in Tanzania found that both primary and secondary School completion rates increased by 100% for children from households with Solar Home Systems.

For adults, a better home environment for learning can enable new skill development, which improves life opportunities, increases income and drives up family living standards. GOGLA research also indicated that 91% of users enjoyed better health after switching from the use of kerosene lamps.

Kumusha Power distributes d.light Solar Home Systems which produce the better lighting quality and a clean air environment necessary for effective home study.

Improving your Education.