Creating a happy, healthy and welcoming household environment is challenging without access to clean reliable energy and quality lighting. This is most relevant in rural and peri-urban areas of Zimbabwe where households often rely upon kerosene lamps, wood and candles which create harmful smoke and vapours. In addition, charging mobile phones to connect with the outside world often requires a charging service at the local shop or a visit to neighbours.

Research by GOGLA, the ‘Global Off-Grid Lighting Association’, has shown that 94% of 2,300 households surveyed across five African countries felt their living standards had improved with a Solar Home System (‘SHS’). These systems had improved productivity and raised income levels by as much as US$35 per month in 36% of cases. SHS users also reported social benefits such as ‘more friend visits’ and increased social interaction with other members of the community wanting to charge their mobile phones. Users believe the SHS offers greater socioeconomic flexibility – more time and freedom to carry out tasks, socialise and study when they want to.

Kumusha Power provides Solar Home Systems which deliver reliable energy and higher quality lighting. Solar energy delivers a healthier ‘clean air’ home environment for effective work, study and social interaction. The SHS mobile charging devices help keep households connected to friends and family, the internet and mobile banking options. In addition the system includes a radio, mp3 player and separate solar TV option. Solar Home Systems can transform your home and social life.

Transforming your Life.