People living in rural or peri-urban areas of Zimbabwe on lower incomes face a far wider range of health risks. A high percentage of these households depend on wood, candles and kerosene lamps to provide their lighting. These emit smoke and dangerous vapours which can lead to respiratory health problems when exposed to for long periods of time in confined spaces. In addition for both children and adults who use such poor quality light to read or study at night, long term exposure can lead to eye strain.

Research by GOGLA, the ‘Global Off-Grid Lighting Association’, indicates that within key African markets 91% of customers report their health has improved since switching away from the use of kerosene lamps to the use of solar home systems, and 91% of customers also report feeling ‘safer’ with off-grid solar energy lighting around their home.

Kumusha Power provides Solar Home Systems which produce a far better lighting quality, reducing the risk of eye strain from reading or studying in poor quality light. These solar products offer clean, renewable energy and remove the dependence on fossil fuels, reducing the health risks associated with over exposure to smoke and vapour inhalation. The risk of fire and burns from accidents in the home is also reduced.

Improving your Health and Safety.