A lack of access to reliable energy and quality lighting reduces productivity. This is most relevant in rural and peri-urban areas of Zimbabwe where households often rely upon kerosene lamps, wood, candles and batteries – all of which cost money but fail to maximise individual ‘productivity’, or time spent on income generating activities or study after dark. This makes it more difficult for these communities to climb the energy ladder because their ability to earn income is reduced at night.

Research across 2,300 new off-grid solar users by GOGLA, the ‘Global Off-Grid Lighting Association’ has covered key African markets like Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. This represents around 45% of the global off-grid Solar Home System (‘SHS’) market. Within three months of acquiring a solar home system nearly 60% of these households had undertaken more economic activities – whether a new job, being able to work longer hours or use the system directly in a business.

The research indicated that 44% of these ‘SHS’ customers spent more time at work, 89% were able to use their mobile phones more often, while 36% of these SHS households on average earned an additional US$35 per month. Calculated over the product’s lifetime the research concluded that additional income for these households could exceed US$2,000.

Kumusha Power provides Solar Home Systems which deliver reliable energy and quality lighting that enables new income generating activity, extending work time into the hours of darkness. This gives users more flexibility on the timing and type of work that can be completed, and increases the earning potential for those individuals and their households.

Increasing your Productivity.