Preserving the local environment is a challenge for households on lower income without access to reliable energy and quality lighting. This is most relevant in rural and peri-urban areas of Zimbabwe where households often rely upon kerosene lamps, wood, candles and batteries, or even gasoline generators. The use of fossil fuels releases harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere, which carry not only personal health risks at home but contribute to environmental damage, global warming and climate change.

Gathering wood for fuel leads to rapid deforestation which can destabilise the landscape. The smoke and vapours generated by wood, candles and kerosene lamps can impact respiratory health, particularly in women who spend more time indoors and cooking over fires. There is also the risk of open flames in the home. In addition the careless disposal of batteries can contaminate local drinking water, creating health hazards and further damage to the environment.

Kumusha Power provides Solar Home Systems (‘SHS’) which represent a clean energy alternative to using expensive and dirty fossil fuels such as diesel, gasoline and kerosene. It also reduces the need for disposable batteries as it includes a mobile phone charger. These systems deliver reliable energy and higher quality lighting, as well as a healthier ‘clean air’ environment within the household. Solar energy helps create a clean and healthier local environment too by reducing pollution of the air and water systems, and reducing the deforestation of local woodland.

Protecting your Environment.