We wanted to address the positioning of our d.light products in a market where we are well aware of seemingly ‘cheaper alternatives’. While Solar Home Systems (‘SHS’) can appear commoditised and very similar, with simply small design variations and different colours to set them apart, do not be fooled. Price is often a good indicator of what you are buying. Consider what is ‘under the bonnet’.

Our d.light products have been designed in America to exacting standards of quality, reliability and performance. They are backed by a two year warranty and a commitment to deliver professional after-sales support should anything go wrong as a result of product defect. Therefore we offer some ‘peace of mind’ on your purchase. Our d.light solar products have transformed over 100 million lives in over seventy countries around the world. The brand is respected as a market leader in its field.

Most d.light products have been designed and manufactured to last at least five years. They can be bought on a PayGo credit basis and paid off over typically 3-24 months. Monthly repayments of typically ZW$150-200 would equate to no more than most Zimbabwean households already spend on fossil fuel alternatives like kerosene lamps, candles and batteries – typically in the ZW$100 – ZW$300 per month range. On this basis the true ‘switching cost’ to a SHS could be virtually zero.    

Once your d.light product is paid off you are very quickly saving money, with no fossil fuel needs and no further repayments due. This is when your investment in a proven solar product really pays you back.

Saving you Money