Kumusha Power is committed to delivering its Solar Home Energy solutions to meet the daily energy challenge facing millions of Zimbabweans today. We believe these solar products will enhance the daily lives of Zimbabweans in a number of ways AND make a positive contribution to the country.

Our more popular Systems, which have been so popular elsewhere in Africa, are likely to cost in the region of ZW$3,000. These models can be purchased by securing an extended credit plan over 3-24 months, subject to personal credit checks. Monthly repayments could be as little as ZW$150.

A recent McKinsey research report (June 2018) on un-electrified households in Kenya (a major Solar Home System market, with a high percentage of ‘PayGo’ credit sales), found 70 percent of those households assessed already spent an average of US$8-US$23 per month on kerosene, batteries and mobile phone charging. In Zimbabwe we understand the figure is similar, at around ZW$100 – ZW$300 per month.

This means the actual ‘switching cost’ to buy a Solar Home System from Kumusha Power could be largely, if not completely offset by the reduced monthly spend on kerosene, lamps, lanterns, batteries and candles.

Kumusha Power research indicates that our Solar Home Systems could potentially save a typical Zimbabwean household over ZW$3,000 per annum over the life of the product.

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