What does Energy mean to you? A reliable source of lighting and comfort in your home? Perhaps offering a level of security? Something that drives entertainment options like radio and television? The power to create commercial opportunities, to support a family or a community. Energy provides options. It drives and uplifts our daily lives. Or it should.

Around much of Africa access to reliable energy on a 24/7 basis is a daily challenge for millions of people. Some regions are better served than others. In Zimbabwe access to a reliable source of energy is a luxury enjoyed by few people today. Grid power is limited and power outages are a part of daily life.

For the millions living off the Grid in peri-urban or rural areas there is a need to find alternative sources of energy and light – generators, kerosene lamps, lanterns, torches, batteries and candles. The choice depends partly on budget, and some of these products carry risks. Millions of Zimbabweans who cannot afford generators, and live off the Grid spend between ZW$100 – ZW$300 per month on these basic energy and lighting options.

There is an alternative. A product that has been hugely successful in other parts of Africa. It is a clean, reliable and affordable source of energy, and it is powered by a natural resource which Africa has in abundance. The sun.

Kumusha Power will shortly be launching its range of Solar Home Systems from d.light Design. These solar products will be available nationwide through various distributors and will be affordable to the majority of Zimbabweans

Energising Zimbabwe.