Ntengwe is a non-profit organisation with a hub in Victoria Falls that serves the Matabeleland North area. Ntengwe works with many of the most marginalised districts of Zimbabwe to deliver ‘Community Development’ programmes. These are designed to strengthen these vulnerable rural communities, encourage people to become change agents for themselves, to protect lives in times of crisis, build resilience and empower the individuals. Ntengwe seeks to deliver lasting solutions and positive change within rural Zimbabwe.

Kumusha Power recognised the tremendous potential in partnering with and supporting Ntengwe’s network in Matabeleland North. Our CEO, Geoff Goss explains, “we saw Ntengwe addressing issues like health and safety, education, social cohesion, environmental preservation, climate change and economic empowerment within the rural communities, and we could immediately see how the benefits of our Solar Home Systems (‘SHS’) could fit in with the Ntengwe programme. We are delighted to be working with Ntwengwe.”

Kumusha Power has set up a sales and distribution programme to help train and empower a network of local women to promote Kumusha Power’s d.light SHS products within their communities. The programme will help these groups build a better economic future for themselves. At the same time the SHS products they promote offer considerable benefits aligned to most of the key Ntengwe issues like health and safety, education, social cohesion, the environment and climate change.

We will update readers as the programme rolls out.

Transforming Lives.